Our Experts

Executive Team

Dan Hyde, CEO

Jon Irvine, COO

Richard Gibson, Chairman

Jane Dowding, Non-Executive Director - People & Development

Search Team

Maria Josife, Partner, London

Specialisms: Board, CEO, COO, Commercial Leadership

Sam Wilkins, Partner, San Francisco

Specialisms: Engineering leadership in all technology driven domains, Product leadership for SaaS and FinTech

Lilian Poilpot, Partner, London, Dubai, Paris

Specialisms: CEO succession planning, GTM, Tech & Product across Europe & MEA

Kevin Elderfield, Partner, London

Specialisms: Board & General Management, Commercial, IOT, Private Equity

Ben Davies, Partner, London

Specialisms: B2B GTM Leadership

Kate Bamford, Partner, London

Specialisms: Board & C-Level, Media, Entertainment, Digital, Telecoms

Hazel Mulhare, Partner, London

Specialisms: Investment Roles, Fund Leadership

Grant Hayward, Partner, London

Specialisms: Product, B2B SaaS, Bottom Up SaaS, FinTech

Jonathan Bryant, Partner, London

Specialisms: Product, Engineering, General Management

Joe Abbott, Partner, London

Specialisms: CRO, COO, VP EMEA

Chris Warner, Partner, New York

Specialisms: People, Sales, General Management, Marketing

Terry Shaw, Partner, San Francisco

Specialisms: FinTech, Developer Tools, Product, Marketing

Maddy Cross, Partner, London

Specialisms: People, Marketing, Sales, B2B SaaS

Jonas Helgesson, Partner, Stockholm, Copenhagen

Specialisms: Board, General Management, Sales, Marketing

Ben Erskine-Hill, Partner, London, New York

Specialisms: FinTech, Board & General Management, Commercial, Private Equity

Chris Batsford, Partner, London

Specialisms: Supply Chain, Logistics, Manufacturing, Education

Sachin Doshi, Partner, London

Specialisms: FinTech, First in Function, First in Territory

Patrick Anderson, Partner, London

Specialisms: FinTech, General Management, Product, Commercial

Anne Lucas, Partner, London, Paris

Specialisms: Board, C-Suite, B2B SaaS, FinTech, AdTech/MarTech B2C Marketplace/Ecommerce

Jamie Dalton, Partner, London

Specialisms: B2B SaaS, Cyber Security, GTM Leadership, BioTech

Dove Dalele, Partner, London, Stockholm

Specialisms: People, Finance, Marketing, Product, Engineering, DACH, Baltics & Nordics

Florence Bown, Principal, London

Specialisms: Digital, B2C & B2B2C, Marketplace, General Management, Marketing

Harry Tolfree, Principal, London

Specialisms: CFO, CPO

Annie Saunders, Principal, London

Specialisms: Commercial Leadership, General Management, Enterprise Software, Private Equity

Tim Horslen, Principal, London

Specialisms: Product Leadership, Commercial Leadership, B2B SaaS

Philip Earley, Principal, London

Specialisms: EMEA Tech, Marketing, Sales, General Management

Hugo Darby, Principal, London

Specialisms: Consumer & Digital, Finance, Technology, General Management, EMEA & East Coast

James Rawcliffe, Principal, London

Specialisms: SaaS, General Management, Commercial, Board

George Drakesmith, Principal, London

Specialisms: Sales, Marketing, Customer Success

Jack Bedford, Principal, London

Specialisms: SaaS, Commercial, General Management

Emily Hudson, Principal, London

Specialisms: FinTech, Technology, Product

Eric Liao, Principal, New York

Specialisms: Sales, Customer Success, General Management, SaaS (Bottoms-Up/Enterprise)

Gabbi Comet-Ricketts, Principal, London

Specialisms: Board and C-Level Search, Consumer, Media, Digital, Technology, International

Nicholas Roberts, Senior Associate, London

Julia Knutson, Senior Associate, New York

Anna Östlundh, Senior Associate, Stockholm

Katrine Folkersen, Senior Associate, Copenhagen

Ben Rimell, Senior Associate, London

Bex Hankin, Senior Associate, London

Sienna Rothery, Senior Associate, London

Niklas Cedenheim, Senior Associate, Stockholm, London

Keith Seward, Senior Associate, London

Nathalie Pantz, Senior Associate, Paris

Thibault Lalouette, Senior Associate, Paris

Charles Daker, Senior Associate, London

Jack Ryan, Senior Associate, London

Leigh Carey, Senior Associate, London

Karla Guerra, Senior Associate, San Francisco

Caroline Birch, Senior Associate, London

Nicola Wood, Senior Associate, London

Paul Redgrave, Associate, London

Jack Parfitt, Associate, London

Emma Bzik, Associate, New York

Marnie Norton, Associate, London

Kirsty Low, Associate, London

Edward Freeman, Associate, London

Ruby Kaur, Associate, London

Kush Raithatha, Associate, Copenhagen

Kriti Nandi, Associate, New York

Miske Ali, Associate, London

Connie Dobson, Associate, London

Marcus Trebino, Associate, London

William Huynh, Associate, London

Daniela Lupu, Associate, London

Gemma Bonington, Associate, London

Valerie Achebe, Associate, London, Stockholm

Alex Fatoberu, Associate, London

Platform Team

Lucy Jacobs, CMO

Emma Hindley, Head of Knowledge & Innovation

Safaa’a Ogunde, Head of People

Peter Snow, Finance Director

Jo Barras, Head of Talent Acquisition

Adelle Gayadeen, Executive Assistant, London

Alex Pritchett, Team Assistant, London

Alisha Varsani, Data Administrator, London

Amanda Dominy, Executive Assistant, London

Charlotte Holland, People & Talent Assistant, London

Elin Wedin, Team Assistant, Stockholm

Erin Stacey, Operations Assistant, London

Estefania Delgado, Knowledge Associate, London

Jasmine Agres, Data Administrator, London

Jolien Lagodin, Executive Assistant, London

Matthew Hawk, Executive Assistant, San Francisco

Mia Klebanska, Head of Operations, London

Millie Guy, Team Assistant, London

Priyanka Patel, Management Accountant, London

Roame Leaver, Marketing Assistant, London

Sadé Challender, Executive Assistant, London

Saphron Jones, Team Assistant, London

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