Social & Environmental Sustainability Statement

Erevena fully acknowledges a responsibility to positively impact its workforce, its marketplace, the environment and global society. We are committed to implementing working practices that contribute to creating sustainable & ethical outcomes and to driving accountability on an individual & collective basis. 

We are focused on achieving this by creating education & awareness programmes; through our policies & procedures; through reinforcement of our cultural values; through data monitoring & reporting; and through our client & procurement partnerships.

We recognise that a healthy and properly functioning natural environment is the foundation of a thriving economy, employment stability, prospering communities and personal wellbeing. We are committed to reducing our corporate impact on climate change, pollution and resource use & consumption.

As a firm we appreciate the value of diverse, inclusive and equitable work environments and the positive effects this has on business performance and growth. We take active measures to continually influence and monitor improvements for ourselves and for our clients. 

Erevena is owned by its employees the majority of whom are from historically under-represented groups. It is currently mid-way through a third-party sustainability accreditation programme.