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This event will be of interest to any early or later stage founder or investor wondering about who, when and how to successfully hire for their leadership team.

What To Expect At A Boardwave Breakfast

The secret sauce to a really great networking breakfast is the calibre of people you meet, the quality of the discussion, which is interesting and thought-provoking and finally the dining experience, whether it’s at a smart venue, or Michelin Star restaurant. If you bring all these things together everyone has a great time, learns a little and meets new friends and colleagues.

Building Your Stellar Leadership Team

At this interactive breakfast, Dan Hyde, CEO at Erevena, will lead a discussion into who and when to hire on the path from seed to series A, and beyond. He will be accompanied by Maddy Cross, author of the report ‘From the Beginning to a Billion: How Unicorns built their leadership teams’, and they will share learnings that have been accumulated during thousands of leadership searches over 20+ years of experience, plus powerful data insights.

They will also be joined by Dean Forbes, CEO of Forterro to give his perspective on successful leadership hiring, Jenna Brown, Founder of Shipamax, and Céline Daley, former VP Customer & Head of Revenue at DeepL.

Together, we will explore:

  • Hiring patterns of Europe’s most successful B2B Software companies
  • What leadership hiring might look like over the first 5 years of a start-up’s journey
  • How to successfully hire for your stage of growth.

For more details visit Boardwave or contact [email protected]


14 May 2024




Home House, 20 Portman Square, London W1H 6LW

Hosted by:

Kath Easthope: Co-founder & COO, Boardwave

Dan Hyde: CEO, Erevena

Maddy Cross: Partner, Erevena

In collaboration with:

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