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Embrace is the only observability and data platform built exclusively for mobile. Their platform serves as a real-time, single source of truth to power engineering, data science and analytics teams into the mobile-first world. With the power of an unsampled, replayable set of user sessions, mobile teams effectively accelerate troubleshooting, grow revenue, and increase productivity. Embrace is the underlying data infrastructure and observability that should exist in every mobile ecosystem.

Backed by YCombinator, NEA, Greycroft, and the founders of TestFlight, Parse, and PagerDuty, Embrace is growing quickly and recently raised a Series B. The repeat founding team also started Scopely, a $6B+ unicorn mobile startup. They count NYTimes, GOAT, OkCupid, Cameo, Hilton, and many other mobile-first companies amongst their partners and are rapidly scaling to meet the demand of their $30B market opportunity.  Embrace is on a mission to make all our edge experiences exceptional by helping revolutionary companies evolve and excel in this mobile world that did not exist even 7 years ago.

Search Background

After the series B raise, the CTO wished to focus purely on architecture roadmap, paving the way for a ‘settler’ VP of Engineering to scale the team to over 100, ensure org design continues to mirror product roadmap (Conway’s law) and build world class engineering practices and culture.


It was important to make sure that the successful candidate had commensurate scaling experience (knew how to scrap at early stage, concentrate on time to value, not let perfection become the enemy of good enough), depth of domain (B2B SaaS and high data throughput, API led platforms) and cultural affinity with the very experienced founding team.


Erevena performed a map of the B2B Devtools and data centric SaaS markets.  Anuj had been on the 6 year scaling journey with Arkin, building his team to 140 engineers and 9 figures of ARR, through the acquisition by VMWare.  Anuj was the strongest values match to the founding team of the candidates met.

Eric Futoran


We have a customer-first, entrepreneurial engineering culture. Finding a head of engineering that embodies that business mindset, understands observability and ‘digital experience monitoring’, and enjoys the challenges of hyper growth, is not an easy venture. Sam and his team at Erevena were an amazing partner to Embrace throughout the search.

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