Transporeon live, breathe and dream transport logistics. The Transporeon cloud-based transportation sourcing and management platform enables the most experienced network of shippers, suppliers, retailers, goods recipients and carriers in the world. Their cloud-based logistics planning software and transport management software, gives customers unmatched opportunities to reduce the number of empty trucks, improve transparency, cut waiting times and enable efficient, digital end-to-end processes.

Transporeon puts users in total control of their transportation sourcing and management challenges and makes collaboration as easy as possible. In addition, through improved collaboration, they help protect the environment by reducing CO2 consumption.

Headquartered in Ulm, Germany, in fewer than 20 years Transporeon has grown from a small startup to become a multinational logistics software company with more than 1,000 employees and operations the world over.

Search Background

New investors came on board in 2019 and hired a new executive leadership team which included a new CEO, Stephan Sieber and CCO, Jonathan Wood with the goal of doubling the size of the business in 3-4 years, redefining the go to market strategy and bringing more structure and process into the sales methodology, taking the business from good to great.

Transporeon approached Erevena Growth to help them upskill the existing sales team and sales leadership, identifying data driven candidates with excellent structure, methodology and process driven approach. In addition, we were seeking candidates with an existing supply chain domain knowledge in order for them to get up to speed quickly. This was particularly challenging as the supply chain software marketplace is both limited and competitive. Furthermore, Transporeon had ran a number of unsuccessful hiring campaigns whilst under previous management, so a ‘perception change’ approach was required from Erevena. By educating the market about the new investors and new executive leadership team, we were able to attract excellent candidates who may otherwise have not been interested in Transporeon.


Erevena Growth engaged with Transporeon on a mission to hire 15 new sales contributors and sales leaders into the new structure. These hires were across the entire EMEA market and included net new sales and existing account development across 6 verticals.

We initially focused our search across the core competitors and supply chain software vendors, however after recognising that we had identified and interviewed the majority of the target profiles from this market, we then consulted with Transporeon to identify new buckets of candidates for us to open up the search. We eventually found a small number of very high potential individuals from within the supply chain industry, who had a passion and interest in the SaaS market, despite not coming directly from the space.


We kicked off the project in the Summer of 2020 and 12 months later we had successfully hired in 17 people (5 at Director level and 12 at various levels of sales execution). 23.5% of these hires are female, which is well above the industry standard for supply chain software sales. We have agreed to continue the partnership into the second half of 2021 and continue to build a great team.

Transporeon also made a number of strategic acquisitions in 2020 and Erevena have also been instrumental in supporting the hiring of senior personnel within the Sixfold team, responsible for the growth of their Real Time Visibility solution across EMEA.



Stephan Sieber


Erevena Growth have professionalised our approach to recruitment across EMEA by identifying and attracting the best candidates in the market. They have successfully raised the profile of Transporeon in the market and shown deep domain expertise, providing solutions in highly challenging markets where there appeared to be no potential candidates. Importantly, they have also helped us to increase the number of women in the sales teams, in what had traditionally been a male dominated area.

Jonathan Wood


The last 12 months have been demanding on the business to hit our aggressive growth targets in the sales team, however Erevena Growth have always quickly adapted to any new challenges thrown at them and will continue to be an important partner helping us to build our commercial teams.

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