Chief Revenue Officer, Genfare
Senior Director Of Business Development, Cubic Transportation Systems
Principal Consultant, Public Sector, North Highland


Luminator Technology Group delivers globally-recognized technology solutions that increase intelligence, safety, and efficiency for public transit operations.

Combining strategic research and development with smart acquisitions, they merge a broad range of expertise and new technology along with best-in-class products from successful, well-known regional companies into one cohesive, global organization.

Luminator provides solutions to connect transit passengers to vital information while supporting the operational objectives of efficient transit operations. Supporting transit bus and rail car manufacturers as well as public transit operators around the globe, Luminator is developing and delivering technology with tangible benefits to public transit.

Search Background

At present, Luminator technology lives in 80% of US buses and stations. Post Covid, the public transportation industry showed great market opportunity with not only more people traveling again, but also with bus electrification, IoT innovation, monetization of data, and software integration. With the electrification of global transit and the 2021 US Infrastructure Bill passed, there is a market opportunity for Luminator to continue solidifying itself as a global leader in transit technology as US buses are being retro-fit to meet new standards. Furthermore, there is significant opportunity in Software. As Luminator Hardware already is embedded, the development and deployment of the Luminator Software Suite would create revenue growth streams in subscription-based services that can integrate into Luminator, like ads, security, and infotainment. Given this opportunity, Blackstone Credit have installed a new C-suite to Luminator, mindful of the turnaround nature of the business, and began a search for a VP of Sales for North America.


The business needed a sales leader that could instill operational rigor into the function, to drive more effectiveness and efficiency around the sales effort. Given the opportunities for Luminator in software, we sought a modern sales leader that could help roll out an evolving product offering while bringing the connections and understanding of the mobility market and in particular public transit agencies. Given the size of Luminator’s business across the US, we also needed someone with commensurate experience at that scale.


Luminator hired Daria Van Engelen, formerly the Chief Revenue Officer of Genfare, a business she helped grow to $70m in revenues and through an acquisition by the public manufacturing company SPX. Daria brings international perspective and deep experience with public transit agencies and in mobility, having previously served Business Development roles with Cubic and Serco.

Pamela Turay

Chief Human Resources Officer

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