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Platform Engineering, Amazon Development Centre, London
Big Screen, Amazon Development Centre, London


Curve was founded with a rebellious spirit, and a lofty vision; to truly simplify your finances, so you can focus on what matters most in life – celebrating them.

That’s why Curve puts your finances simply at your fingertips, so you can make smart choices on how to spend, send, see and save your money. They help you control your financial life, so you can go out and live the life you want to live.

With Curve you can spend from all your accounts, track your spend behavior, see unique insights – all with additional security to help keep your money safe. Curve puts you in control of your money in one beautiful place for the first time.

They’re developing a ground-breaking product with our customers at the heart of everything we do. They have funding from the biggest names in tech investment, and a visionary C-suite who wants everyone who joins this remarkable adventure, to have the opportunity to masterfully develop their expertise.

Curve is building a global financial super-app. They are at the forefront of a convergence movement (all of your cards and apps consolidated into one card, one app). We’ve seen it in many other markets; Netflix with TV, Amazon with Commerce, Spotify with Music, and ASOS with fashion. Curve is operating on an inevitable outcome of the market – rebundling of finance.

Search Background

Curve was experiencing the classic growing pains of a fast-scaling Fintech company. Technology, People and Methodology choices were no longer stage-appropriate as the company breaks through 3 million users, builds the engineering team to over 150, and starts to drive international expansion in parallel with continual refinement and adding of features and business lines. We sought an executive who had the stage commensurate experience of picking up from a pioneer/settler CTO and re-assessing the current organisational, technological, and methodological health of the company to set a new vision for the function upon which they can execute to grow quickly on the journey to IPO.


They needed to hire a town planner CTO who had the personal brand to compete for the very best talent in a high demand market who had the tacit stage commensurate knowledge of scaling teams internationally to 300+ and setting the technology vision for high transactional throughput consumer services.


Erevena performed a transatlantic search to identify the best candidates who connected with this market mission.  We kept the bar very high for people who had profile in their markets for the consumer technology services they had scaled and were delighted to secure Eric whose experience from Amazon and Improbable should enable Curve to continue to build a world class product and team.

Shachar Bialick


I chose Erevena after a number of founders and even search competitors recommended their CTO practice and Sam in particular.  They were not only accurate in the scoping of the level of execs we were going after for CTO but also aspirational in terms of the scale of their achievements.  The advice we got both in terms of when to proceed and importantly when not to, demonstrated their integrity and also ability to use market connections for soft referencing.  In the end we hired an amazing candidate – Eric Molitor, as CTO for Curve.  It was our best executive search experience to date.

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